I’ve Never Done a Blog. But I’ve Never Communally Farmed Veggies in Atlanta Either.

The initial blog of Oakleaf Mennonite Farm… 

For those of you who don’t know, we are a ministry of Berea Mennonite Church in Atlanta.  I’m Tim, the farm manager.  But mostly we’re doing this in community.  I get to order the seed and choose where things are planted and things like that.  The community shovels the manure – does all the hard work.  The church endeavored on this project to respond to a call from God to use their property more responsibly and in recognition of one of the world’s greatest needs – the production of and education about delicious, healthy, local food. 

Some of these blogs might be long.  Some short.  I don’t know what I’m doing, really – or how much time I’ll find to blog this season.  But this feels like an important thing to try, anyway.  I wanted a space to communicate a little more of the philosophy behind what we’re hoping to do – and doing – in the community.  I wanted a place to post pictures for everyone to see.  I wanted a place to post some words about farming that might be of some use to people.  I wanted for our shareholders, volunteers, supporters and friends to be able to keep up to date with what’s going on. 

This should be a place where we can all share ideas.  Does what we’re doing as a church make sense?  How could this ministry be tweaked, sharpened?  Who are we connecting with and who not?  Are the veggies good?  Is God good?  Does first fruits mean money?  Does Jesus do any talking about food? You get the picture.

So welcome.  You can come and go, contribute and grumble, as much as you like.  We are here for a year, at least, to see how things go and what new and exciting things God calls us to.  Thanks for your interest and support.  May we be who we strive to be, that God’s healing and hope might flow through us to the world.


One thought on “I’ve Never Done a Blog. But I’ve Never Communally Farmed Veggies in Atlanta Either.

  1. Hey, I have told you this before, but thanks for developing this and for all your hard work. I am really excited about all the ways we can learn about God through this ministry and about all the ways we can witness to a different way of being God’s people, too. Thanks for setting up a place for those questions and ideas and discussions can take place (but don’t forget your bulletin announcements either – smile).



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