Two Months Later…

We have a farm!  No, the changes aren’t quite that drastic, but a lot has happened since I last chimed in…

Next week is the opening week for the East Atlanta Village Farmer’s Market – and thus, our first official harvest date!  In some ways, it seems a long time coming…in other ways, I don’t know how we’re here already.

First piece of bad news.  My camera broke.  So I’m depending on the pictorial donations of others to provide you with visuals.  Unfortunately, today there are none.

There’s really no other bad news.  Well, the snap peas are covered with aphids…but we bought some lady bugs to feast upon them and we may have some peas to harvest after all.  And quite a few of the potatoes rotted, but the bright side is that might have room to plant pumpkins now.

I’m particularly excited about our onions – which before the last thunderstorms – looked as if they were taken out of a window display.  And they still look wonderful.  We have lots of greens bursting forth now.  I ate radish this morning.  Last week, we got the last of the tomatoes in the ground – I finally succumbed and made 16 raised beds.  It turns out that I really like them, so I made some for the lima beans and beets as well.  Mostly they help with drainage and compaction so that the roots structures are just happier.  But I’ve noticed that when I rake up the raised beds, I sift out a lot of the heavier clay and gravel and debris and smaller seeds seem to germinate better in this finer bed.  The lima bean, especially, will also appreciate the extra warmth the raised beds will afford while these cooler nights aren’t allowing the lower clays to warm up…

Rashid Nuri of Truly Living Well Natural Urban Farms brought the message to our church on Sunday.  It was a beautiful morning and we were able to meet out under the oaks in the front yard which give our farm its name.  Rashid shared some of his “lessons” learned in the garden about the sustaining power of “deep roots” and the strength found in diversity.  He challenged us to consider these lessons not only applicable in the garden, but also in our church communities.  It was a nice way to conclude what has been a beautiful earth week in 2010.

And, as a last word, I’d like to thank all of you that have bought shares.  We are quickly closing in our 25-share limit.  And please hurry, if you’ve been waiting.  I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries in the past few days and expect things will only pick up from this point moving forward.


2 thoughts on “Two Months Later…

  1. Hi Tim,

    I’m trying to send photos of the fall festival, but I think I got your email wrong.

    Drop me a note and I’ll send them on to you.



  2. Tim,

    I am sorry it took so long to comment on this. You should hear sooner and more often that I and others really appreciate the messages you share with us about radishes and onions and raised beds and all the other things we are glad you are bringing to us through hard work and heart work.

    Peace, brother,


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