North Carolina DOOR Chops Wood

Who would have thought that Atlanta would be covered up with 5+ inches of snow in January?  When it snows in Atlanta, Atlanta shuts down.  Ask the truckers who were stuck out on I-285–okay maybe don’t ask them….  

Anyway, snow didn’t stop the junior high youth from First Presbyterian Church of Raleigh, North Carolina.  As part of a Discovering Opportunities for Outreach (DOOR) group, they slipped and slided over the snow-covered ground for two hours.  Armed with pruners, loppers, & axes and cloaked in gloves, they wrestled with a massive pile of damaged trees which had been felled to create more fields on the farm.  They created smaller piles which could be burnt in the next week.  For 2 hours they whacked, chopped, and carted brush.  Both enthusiasm and muscles flexed during the afternoon.

They learned that the ashes from the burnt brush would be used to enhance the tough Georgia clay soil for the coming year to increase food production.  They learned that people don’t just go to church on Sunday but work together Monday through Saturday to build a new kind of community in which Jesus says that the land is given to us to nurture and cherish.  They learned that they could do things they didn’t think they could do.  They learned that gloves are really important for this kind of work! 

We, at Oakleaf Mennonite Farm, also learned from these young people that it takes the hands of everyone to build this farm.  Volunteers are integral to the health of good farm community.  We thank these wonderful youth for their energy and commitment of time!  We invite you to come play in the dirt with us!
– Joy Hostetler & Geoff Grosguth

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