Chicken Scratches


Q: Why does a chicken coop have only two doors?

A: If it had four it would be a sedan

I know…terrible joke!

Chicken Scratches

To be honest I’ve never been a big fan of birds.  To me, they are a reminder of the many times I’ve been defecated on while trying to enjoy a nice day.  However, I am very looking forward to adding chickens to the farm.  Much like an Easter Egg Hunt, I have this romantic ideal of searching the coop for eggs.

First things first…we need a coop.  With the rain we received last week and the expected rain this weekend I’m hoping we will have plenty of time to build a coop and chicken tractors in the next couple of weeks.  For now I enjoy “googleing” various possibilities.



3 thoughts on “Chicken Scratches

  1. Ooh! We build chicken coops, and would love to help. When were you planning on gettin’ to it? Next week looks pretty free to me, and we’ve got a design we’re ready to try out some improvements to.

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