Spring Greetings & Transition Announcement

Greetings to all of our Shareholders and friends from Oakleaf Mennonite Farm!

You should see the wonderful potatoes, lettuce, and greens which are overflowing their beds in our spring gardens!  It’s absolutely marvelous!  Your first share will be coming the first week in May thanks to the hard work of Farmer Tim Showalter Ehst!  We really appreciate all of his hard work on behalf of the farm over the last 1 1/2 years.  However, for personal reasons, Farmer Tim has resigned his post as Farmer, and next week will be his last week with Oakleaf Mennonite Farm.  We will truly miss his dedication and instrumental green thumb which brought life to the farm from out of this brutal Georgia clay.

 At the same time, we find ourselves exceedingly happy that an experienced farmer has seen fit to join Oakleaf Mennonite Farm to continue on where Tim will leave off.  So we welcome our new Farmer, Gathegu Cecilia Gatungo! Farmer Cecilia is a farming entrepreneur and has worked in Georgia over the past several years developing school and church gardens and has a keen interest in the best farming practices and educating children about farming.  She begins next week with Farmer Tim to ensure a smooth transition of the farm for our shareholders.  As well, we warmly welcome a new year-long intern, Angela Giles, who will be joining Farmer Cecilia to share in the farming tasks.

 So, in closing, we at Oakleaf Mennonite Farm join you to say your farewells and hellos to our Farm staff.  We also would like to encourage and welcome our shareholders to join in the work on the farm.  If you have a couple of hours a week that you would like to volunteer to work on the farm just let us know.  Email us at oakleafmennonitefarm@gmail.com

 Peace, blessings, and good eating!


2 thoughts on “Spring Greetings & Transition Announcement

  1. To the new staff: I am Martin Lehman. I am 85 years old and grew up as the son of an organic farmer. Later in life I was the bishop of Berea Mennonite when the congregation bought the present site that you now farm. I live in Goshen Indiana, and it is impossible to volunteer time. But I am keenly interested in your activities both as a farm and as a church, and wish you well.

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