Call for Volunteers

We are putting out a call for volunteers to help out on the farm. We have produce to harvest for 19 CSA members and for two markets. We also have irrigation lines to layout, mulching, planting and watering to do and it is expected to remain hot the rest of the week. Below is a provisional farm work itinerary so you can check your work, home and life schedule to see where you can plug-in at the farm. We welcome you to stop by to volunteer for any amount of time. Please contact us so we know when to expect you. Also feel free to spread the word amongst your friends and social circles. We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you when you stop by.

The farm is located at :
Berea Mennonite Church
1088 Bouldercrest Drive, S.E.,
Atlanta, GA 30316

Thank you
Cecilia (your farmer)
Volunteer Schedule


6:30-10 Help layout irrigation lines

7am-8am Harvest Peas from 7am-8am

7am-9am Harvest n wash crops for 12 CSA and Market from 7am-10am

10am-2pm help to feed the hens and water plants because the temperature high will be 90 degrees

4pm-8pm divide up the crops into separate share bins, weigh and package crops for market.

Thursday (Market Day in East Atlanta Village)

7am-9am continue to harvest for market, i.e., harvest, wash, package, divide produce

7-am-9 am Continue working on irrigation lines

9am-12pm feed hens and water plants that are heat stressed

2-3pm help load up van for market and market setup

4-7pm help with market sales

8pm-9:30pm help unload produce and equipment after market


6:30-10am Continue to help install irrigation lines

7am-8am Harvest remaining Peas from 7am-8am

7am-9am Harvest n wash crops for 12 CSA shares and Market from 7am-10am

10am-1pm feed hens and water plants that are heat stressed

11am-whenever help to clean n package produce for CSA shares and market

 Saturday (East Lake Farmers Market)

7-8am Assist with market preparations, loading truck with equipment and produce

9am-1pm Assist with market sales and CSA distribution

1pm-3pm Assist with breaking down market and unloading van at church

9am-12am come out to feed and provide water for the hens

 Sunday –stop by the farm to feed the hens- provide water and food. Check on plants that need water.


2 thoughts on “Call for Volunteers

  1. Glad to see some information from the farm Cecilia! I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind, but I think it would be extremely helpful if a facebook page was started up and utilized as a information distribution platform. Also, have you heard about the Crop Mob? If there was a real need for some serious help, this could be a way to get a lot done quickly!

    Thanks and see you this afternoon at the EAV market!

    • Thanks Tyler! We are trying really hard to keep our facebook, blog and local harvest sites updated. But we are currently a staff of two with some great volunteers. We have reached out to Crop Mob and they have been awesome, directing volunteers our way. Thanks for looking out for us and if you know of any other resources please send them our way.

      We hope you enjoy your share this week!

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