Good bye and thank you, Angela

Today is Angela’s last day at the farm as an Intern. Gosh, we really hate to see her go. Many of you know that this was a year of tremendous growth and transition for the farm. Angela has been the glue that kept it all together. Alot of internships include guidance and daily teachable moments, not hers. Angela learned through “hard knocks” and a ton of hard work. Her dedication was always present no matter what the task. Farming is a constant experiment and Angela learned this first hand.
This year the farm grew by almost double. We added goats and chickens (Angela headed up care and maintenence), put on 2 summer camps and we added Grant park market and ELF CSA shares. She also has given us a ton of ideas on bettering the farm even more.
Angela, thank you so much. You were the rock that kept this farm going this summer Thank you for your hard work, your drive, your humor and your wonderful lunches! (i forgot to mention that she is a killer chef)

Keep listening to you heart, your plants and your land and your farm is gonna rock!



2 thoughts on “Good bye and thank you, Angela

  1. I had so much fun at Oakleaf! Really! Through the bumps and laughter we taught each other so much. This isn’t a goodbye my friends. The end of the season is near and I’m sure y’all will want a farewell season sweet potato roast courtesy of Angie the Cook. Peace, Love and Happy Farming!!

  2. I want to echo the sentiments of the post above! Angela — words cannot describe this incredible young intern, which we at Berea Mennonite Church have been blessed to have with us on the farm. I learned so much from her — how to harvest, how to wash produce, how to market produce, how to work my butt off. But she went beyond the call of duty and managed to be a leader for the Mennonite Central Committee Summer Interns in other parts of the country. She filled out paper work for the grant which funded her position. She wowed the leadership of those funders and made Berea a prime target for a year long intern in the future with Mennonite Central Committee. Angela — we at Berea cannot begin to thank you for all you have done for us. You are a winner!!!! We love you!!! Joy Hostetler, Administrative Elder & Farm Putz Abouter

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