Happy New Year


Happy New Year from the crew at Oakleaf Mennonite Farm. Work has begun again on the farm. The days are getting longer and spring is around the corner.

Over the holiday we had some great help from DOOR Atlanta and St. Paul’s UCC They helped us spread out 3 massive compost piles and straighten our leaf mulch pile. They literally finished 2 days worth or work in a couple hours. We are extremely grateful for their help. It is always fun to work with such an enthusiastic group.


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Over New Year, our family went to the beach. As always, we visited the local community garden to see what they had growing. Would you believe they still had tomatoes and peppers? They also had this awesome greenhouse made from discarded 2 liter bottles. I would love to build one, so I am putting out the call. Please bring me your discarded 2 liter bottles and we’ll put one of these up at the farm.


This year we are planting rows for the hungry, developing work opportunities for neighborhood youth, and continuing to grow/shape the farm. We can always use volunteers, recycled plastic bags and cardboard boxes. Thanks and Happy New Year!


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