Greenhouse update

The greenhouse has officially gotten green. The first broccoli popped out today. In addition to that, we also have seeded cabbage, fennel, romaine, chard, and we have many more to come.


We are heating the greenhouse with 100% passive solar heat! (that means no electricity!)

You can see our seed trays resting on barrels filled with water. The water in the barrels helps keep the seeds warmer at night when temperatures drop.


We are also watering from a watering table. The seed trays “wick” water from the bottom. This method saves water and nutrients and gives us more control of the water temperature that we are germinating and nourishing with.


CSA’s are still 10% off until Feb 1!

This year we are dedicating the entire front of the property to a communal church garden with rows for the hungry. We are also offering work opportunity to local youth, growing better veggies and giving thanks.


One thought on “Greenhouse update

  1. Hudson and Bremen,

    This is absolutely great stuff! I really think this will go a LONG way to adding value to our shares. It really helps a lot to have connection to the farm and the farmers. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to see the little brocolli shoots! (And a bit worried, too -we really have to start planting for plant sale!)



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