Oh, the joys of owning goats ;-{)>

My morning routine at the farm always begins with saying good morning to the goats. Larry in particular. This morning when I called out, “La-a-a-arrrrrrrrrrrrrrry” none of them came to the fence. As I walked to the back of the fence with my excellent quadruple espresso from Joe’s (shout out to Puma!), this is what I saw:


Goats on the roof of the elementary school next door! I climbed on the roof much to the delight of the kids inside and coaxed the goats over with some peanuts(my snacks for the day) from my car.


Here we are headed home in my mule


….and they have it sooooo good here. Check out the progress we are making! Thanks so much to John, Geoff, Carl, and the crew, who have spent a ton of time out here on the barn, the shed and the coop.


Now I have to get back to work. Today we are Direct seeding these rows with carrots, arugula, and kale.



3 thoughts on “Oh, the joys of owning goats ;-{)>

  1. Hey Joy,
    Perhaps they are part angelic… or is that angora? LOL This is the mystery of nature
    Only God knows, [or is the ladder leaning against the roof the culprit?]. Either way, it makes for good conversation. Enjoyed the pics. Fred Bartels.

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