Bremen and Hudson’s eggcellent adventure

This past Thursday Bremen and I got licensed to candle eggs, so obviously the next step was to get some egg layers.
Yeah for the USPS! Our chicks arrived today. We picked them up from the EAV post office right after going to We Suki Suki again today for lunch. Pho Fridays are awesome there. Here is a pic of our package headed back to the farm.


We got them to their new home. We are using seed trays for our starter feed and recycled cups for our water.


Aren’t they so cute?



Meet Courtney Love, our first crowd surfing chicken!


If anyone is interested in purchasing chicks, we will be selling around 20 of them for $5 a piece. They are all female. We have rhode island reds, buff orpingtons, ameracaunas, leghorns, and wyandottes. Please note that each week, the chicks will go up $1 in price as we care for them.


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