Meet our new tractor – Maggie

So it has become increasingly clear that tilling almost three acres by hand is too much, even with a walk behind tractor thing (BCS).  Geoff Grosguth decided he was going to do something about it a few weeks ago, too.

And this week a little Ford 8N tractor showed up on the farm.  She has 29 horsepower and weighs in at just over a ton.  And she looks really great for her 63 years.  Now she has a name, too, thanks to Julia, who noticed that her grill looks like smiling red lips.  Trying to think biblically (and not bothering with all the new scholarship on the subject), we decided on Mary Magdeline or just “Maggie” for short.

Come by and see her sometime.  She runs like a charm and we expect to tag team with the folks from Gaia Gardens (HUGE thank you to Joe and Erin!) this next week to start mowing and plowing and tilling and cover cropping all the fields, a task that seems impossible without our new friend.

Many thanks to Geoff for his generosity.  Please plan to come join us in blessing the tractor and farmers soon.

Peace to you all.


See the lipstick?


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