Peace Within


Over the past two weeks the kids at Peace and Carrots Camp have focused on making peace among individuals, groups and countries. This is an important topic, but as last week ended and this week has continued, I have decided to focus on inner peace. Inner peace, for me, represents calm in my spirit and a resting of my thoughts on what the future will hold. This week, I have worked to focus on areas of the farm where I have been able to find peace within.

ImageLast Saturday, I was invited to a bonfire at the farm. I did not know a lot of the people around the fire so I was able to focus on the sounds of the night and stare into the wondrous colors of the fire in the center of the circle. It was a great time of reflection for the week and to say thank you for the group of individuals and the beautiful creation that surrounds me. Later in the week, I spent three hours in the sanctuary of Berea Mennonite Church. I had locked myself out of the building where we interns stay and I decided to wait for my roommate to return. It was raining on this particular night, so the sound of the rain on the roof gave me a calm feeling. The sanctuary provided an intimate environment to talk and just be with God. Over the course of this week, I have also found peace when I have looked in the faces of our campers. Their eyes have sparkled with excitement and delight.

ImageMost evenings when I drive up to the farm after being in town, it is quiet.  I can sometimes hear the wind and the birds, and the quiet serves as the perfect background. With all the activity around the farm, I continue to find people and places to bring me peace within–and for that, I am grateful.

ImagePeace Y’all!



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