Breaking Ground

We are incredibly thankful for congregation member Geoff Grosguth and all of the maintenance work he does here on the farm! See his update below:

“I went to Berea early afternoon and took the tiller off the BCS and attached the rotary plow. Angelo helped with the attaching the rotary plow. Then I tried to start the BCS, there was a stiff pull point but after some half dozen pulls I let Angelo try and after three pulls the engine was running. After some smoke the engine regained stability of operation. We walked with the BCS up to the strawberry patch. I plowed the new row back and forth twice.  Then Dennis raked the row and transplanted a row of strawberry runners. The picture was taken by Josh Cowen. Josh and I attached the remaining four bits of well/irrigation plumbing in the well house. After your return of our cell phone call we put power to the well pump. The system pressured up, but the water pressure gage went from pegged high to pegged low and did not show a pressure rise. We turned the different ball valves on to check for leaks. I set the drip plug and we covered the plumbing and  turned the power off to the pump motor. We do not know if the pressure switch is cutting of at the proper pressure with the gage not working. Temperatures will be above freezing for a few days. It was a good afternoon for planting.”
Thanks, Geoff!

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