Fun with Emmaus House!

We were honored and happy to share the farm with a whole bunch of really excited, pleasant, kids from Emmaus House this morning.  

They were full of great questions like how the rain gets in the greenhouses and what sheep’s teeth look like and how they are different from goat’s teeth (honestly, I never really looked before) and more.  They were polite to a fault and excited by just about everything (except the daddy longlegs spider I accidentally flung on one terrified girl – I am still praying she will accept my apology) The adults they brought with them were thrilled to meet us and I feel certain there are new and exciting partnerships that will arise from our time together.

Thanks to the AmeriCorps folks, our farmers, and Aaron Hardeman for helping make this a wonderful tour.  

Enjoy the pictures!


20141018_113509 20141018_113544 20141018_115158 20141018_120305


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